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Welcome to the Free Downloads section! Whether you are in Sales, Event Planning or Golf Management, there are several downloads listed you might like. Please review and download any of the materials you like-- there is no charge, and for meeting planning and golf events, you might see something you need!

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Hotel Sales Managers and Directors Information

Peak Performer Funnel

Great layout for tracking your conversion from Referrals to Tentatives to Definites. Excellent addition to any sale management action plan.


Peak Performer Websites

These are a sample of some of the research and Business Recruiting intelligence that is available. The full list and a complete guide to client List Building is covered in the Prospecting Session.

Peak Performer Prospecting Powerpoint Sample
Here's a sample of some of the materials we discuss at the Peak Performer Prospecting session... It's a very upbeat and thorough discussion of winning techniques that are more critical than ever.

Peak Performer Prospecting Workbook

In addition to the Powerpoint, there are several excellent techniques in this section. Not big on the graphics, but something you and your team should read.

Peak Performer Phone Blitz
Once you have executed a blitz, the single most important part is to track every referral as it goes from Referral to Tentative to Definite. Hundreds of roomnights for thousands of dollars have been uncovered by using this simple tracking form.

Peak Performer Booking Guidelines
These are items that are required by many hotels-- you may want to add or delete as needed, but having the Guidelines distributed to every manager is a key part of increasing production and improving bookings. Also covered in the Quality Assurance session.

Peak Performer Hot Sheets
These are handy forms to help your managers make the most of their time. Simply assign every action an A, B or C status, then realize there are no B's! Convert each B to an A or a C, and you are ahead of the game. This is also covered in the Prospecting session.

CPP Government Purchasing
A great way to get started with government rules and regulations to make your company a prime vendor for this important market.

Winning Standards for Managing Sales
If you're a DOS who needs some new ideas or a GM who wants to learn a bit more abourt sales, this is a workbook of handy tips and techniques for you.

Meeting Planner Forms and Information

Site Inspection Checklist
One of the best checklists in the business-- invaluable for planners looking at a new destination or meeting site.

Offsite Costing Breakdown

If you're looking for a basic grid to track expenses, this is a great way to get started. The cells may be edited to suit your needs, and it's a very easy spreadsheet to work with.

Service Worksheet
Also a handy tool, if you are a planner with a new hire or a new staffer. This keeps you organized and helps your communicate clearly with your team.

Secrets to Successful Site Selection
The Site Selection process is much more than space, dates and rate-- learn all the details in a handy checklist format.

Meeting Planner's Guide to Negotiations

Ever wonder how hotels arrive at the rates? Learn how a hotel P&L works and see how you can use some inside information to make yourself a better negotiator.

Golf Event Planning Information

Effective E-marketing to Increase Membership and Attendance

What if you gave an event and nobody came? In tight economic times it's more important than ever to use all the marketing tools available to fill your meeting, tee-times and sponsorhip lists.

GEMA Golf Event Checklist

Again, a valuable tool for planning and executing an excellent event. Covers tee-sheets to menus, guarantees, and all the items needed for a golf event.

GEMA Golf Terminology

Don't know the difference between a Shotgun and a Scramble? This is an excellent crash-course in golf phrases to make your planning easier than ever.
Meeting Planner Training Camp

Many attendees of the Meeting Planner Traning Camp (MPTC) have requested access to the forms that were discussed. Here are the key forms -- feel free to edit, add and delete as needed; we'll be adding forms and formats as we develop the Camp, so be sure to check back sometime.

Thanks for coming to the MPTC, and if you have not attended one, be sure to write to tpasha@contactplan.com, and I'll make sure you are alerted for the next date for the Camp!


MPTC Hot Ideas

Site Selection:


MPTC Long-Form RFP Format

MPTC Sample RFP Group Priorities
MPTC Sample RFP Agenda
MPTC Convention Center Venue Grid

Booking Forms:

MPTC Rooming List Sample

MPTC Credit Card Authorization Form
MPTC Credit Application


MPTC Construction Cofidentiality Indemnification Clauses

MPTC Long-Form Confidentiality Agreement

Event Reporting:

MPTC Pick-up Worksheet

MPTC Completed Pick-up Report

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